Life As A Waking Dream

A recent participant in the Basic Seminar commented:
"You have provided me with access to information about myself and my way of being with life that is fresh, accurate, fun, and deeply insightful. All of this gives me just what I need to move ahead now – out of those haunting past experiences and into the full, present moment. With the methods you have taught us, it is like solving one’s own mystery, symbol by symbol, metaphor by metaphor, yin/yang by yin/yang. As I get better at solving the old mysteries, the "happening now’ ones become much clearer. It’s like a new lesson in staying in the witness, directing the energies as they present themselves." DB, Scottsdale, AZ
Life As A Waking Dream is a method that introduces you to a new way of learning from and through your life experiences. You will focus on events that stand out from the rest of your day or week because of their intensity. Allowing your feelings to be your guide, you will learn to understand and interpret messages from your unconscious. You will bring into the light of consciousness your Sense of Self and the themes of your Waking Dreams. Using that material and more, you will quickly discern positive steps you can take to enhance your growth by waking up and consciously directing the course of your life.
You can read about the method in Life As A Waking Dream by Diane Kennedy Pike, or listen to taped interviews with the author about the method. You can also enroll in classes or work one-on-one with experienced teachers and mentors who offer: guidance in working with your life experiences to discover their meaning and importance for you; elucidation and instruction in Wisdom teachings to help illumine your life process, personal commentaries on your Waking Dreams. In classes you also receive: insightful reflection by other class participants; work done by others in the class.

     "More and more of my interactions in my waking dreams feel like dances with living souls instead of encounters with cartoon adversaries."
SB, San Diego, CA

     "You have helped me guide my growth over the past year or so.  You've helped me clarify some deeply embedded dreams.  I feel strong and confident. Your insights and unique way of interpreting life have helped open my mind and my life. Thank you."
SM, San Diego, CA


Now the

Life As A Waking Dream

Book is Revised and Expanded

In this revised and expanded edition of Life As A Waking Dream the author has more fully expressed her original vision for the book. Newly included are a chapter on The Great Unknown which focuses on the Waking Dream method as a way to pray to the Great Mother, questions to help the readers to explore their own vivid life experiences, and an extensive appendix with stimulating excerpts from seers related to the main concepts in the book. 322 pages $20.00



If you would like someone to mentor you in the Life As A Waking Dream method,
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