The Love Principles facilitate the opening of the heart center, which is the doorway to the spiritual life.


Arleen Lorrance received the six Love Principles in 1970 when she was teaching in a ghetto high school in Brooklyn, New York. When these simple principles were put into practice in The Love Project, the school was transformed from a center of violence and hostility to a place of love and caring where learning could actually occur.

Since 1972, Arleen and Diane K. Pike have traveled across the continent sharing these six principles with people of all ages who have used them to transform their lives.

The principles are:


Receive all people as beautiful exactly as they are.

Be the change you want to see happen,
instead of trying to change anyone else.

Create your own reality consciously.

Provide others with opportunities to give.

Have no expectations, but rather abundant expectancy.

Problems are opportunities.


Choice is the life process. In every new moment of awareness, you can make a new choice.

































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