In programs sponsored by
Teleos Institute, men and women
learn how to:

Awaken to the energy world;

Open the heart center and live in universal and unconditional love;

Heal gaps between body, psyche, and spirit;

Align the personality with the Self;

Release attachments that impede conscious functioning;

Know and experience Oneness;

Creatively embody their unfolding knowledge.

In this time of transformations in consciousness and in institutional forms, those who choose to know and dare to embody the individualizing process seek nonrestrictive affiliations.

As an association, Teleos Institute is spacious. It leaves room for a diversity of personality types and for individuals walking varied spiritual paths, such as action, devotion, service, and self-mastery.
As an association, Teleos Institute is flexible. It changes forms to meet the needs of its constituency and to reflect shifts in consciousness.
As an association, Teleos Institute is enlivening. It encourages powerful and energetic participation in daily life.

Teleos Institute is incorporated in the State of Arizona and has nonprofit status in the United States.


PURPOSE of Teleos Institute

The purpose of Teleos Institute is to provide orientation, training, experiential practice, challenge, inspiration, education, companionship, and support for those who are consciously choosing the individualizing process; to facilitate the shift in identification from personality to Self; and to encourage integrated, balanced, and creative expression in those who are awakening.


Teleos Institute

Eleanor Arnau, Registered Nurse

Arleen Lorrance, Theatre Artist & Writer

Patricia Nerison,  Educator

Suzanna Neal, Psychotherapist

Diane Kennedy Pike, Writer & Educator

James Stavoy, Architect

Scott Miller, CEO of Circles USA


HISTORY of Teleos Institute

Teleos Institute

was originally founded in California under the name "The Foundation for Religious Transition" in Santa Barbara, California. In 1969 the name was changed to "The Bishop Pike Foundation" to honor its first President, Bishop James A. Pike. In 1972 the offices of the foundation were moved to San Diego, California and the name was changed to "The Love Project." In 1988 the name was changed again to "Teleos Institute." In 1993 the offices were moved to Scottsdale, Arizona, where they remain today.



is a Greek word pointing to the invisible plan that gives order to Cosmos. Teleos is the overall design or purpose directing nature toward her fulfillment. Teleos is the pattern hidden within each human being that guides the individualizing process. Teleos is the archetypal paradigm that resonates within us as human beings, prompting us to aspire to realize our full potential.

Since Teleos is imprinted in each of us, we turn within for guidance and direction and then move outward to give expression to our unique and essential participation in the whole.

Teleos Institute
 c/o Lorrance & Pike
12000 N 90th Street #2025
Scottsdale, AZ 85260



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