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An experiential approach to the expansion of consciousness focused on gaining creative jurisdiction over self.

"For those who seek deeper meaning and purpose in their lives." 

"For those who are awakening, or seek to awaken, to Oneness with All that Is."

    "The stands alone among all the other personal growth work I have experienced.  While all of them have many common elements, such as opening up people to the more they can be, helping heal wounds of the past and finding expression through art, music, movement and drawing, The brings you to a deeper, cosmic level.  Here you will learn and experience that you are part of a whole that not only encompasses your life, your country, the Earth, but reaches to the Universal energies and forces of which we are all an integral part.
    You will learn to live with purpose, to set clear objectives at all times and to live them. You will experience the union of body and mind. You will attune your body so that you become a sensitive vehicle for the spiritual in you to come to physical expression.
     I stayed with this work for six consecutive years and I am radiant now!"

KB, Somerville, MA



The work of The ™ emphasizes coming to know self as the Player, the Creative Artist who individualizes through the medium of a personality. Participants learn to engender a character-self (personality) congruent with inner knowing.

In much the same way as the lights come up at the beginning of a professional theatrical performance, light appears as we waken each morning. The curtain of our eyes opens on the Play in progress. As we stir in our beds, we step, usually unaware, into the costume of self. Throughout the scenes of the day, we enact a grand mixture of comedy, tragedy, and melodrama.  We speak in clichés born of patterned responses. We repeat yesterday’s dialogue. We replay scenes. Night comes. The lights dim, and the curtain falls. We exit to sleep, having hung the costume of self in the wardrobe after yet another performance.

 Players are Creative Artists who waken consciously to the Light. They infuse their life-characters with vital force and make conscious choices throughout the day about how to play their parts in the drama of life. The ™ work promotes artistic self-mastery.


The Artistic Director of the experiential process, and the desig­ner of the program, is Arleen Lorrance, M.F.A. She has 18 years of experience as a professional actor and director. She is also a proficient group facilitator, speaker, and teacher. The Associate Director, Diane Kennedy Pike, M.A., is also a teacher, speaker, and group facilitator of long experience.

Both women have published numerous books in the field of con­sciousness and personal growth. They are co-directors of Teleos Institute, a non­profit corporation devoted to the individualizing process. It disseminates the six Love Principles, which enable persons to function more consciously, effectively, meaningfully and lovingly in the world. 




All participants begin with Act I. Then they may take Acts II, III, IV, and V in any order. With the approval of the Director, it is possible to take more than one Act in a season. Only after completing Acts I through V may one enroll in Act VI.

Participants are guided, directed, stretched, and encouraged in their work. Through individualized artistic training, each learns to develop skills for conscious direction of the creative process.

During each Act, participants learn techniques for concentration, contemplation, and meditation. Body work, vocal exercises, and breathing techniques are practiced in each Act. Conceptual instruction and review and reflection help facilitate the emotional and mental integration of the creative exercises. Such methods are essential for one who desires to live a conscious and creative life.

Between and after Acts, Players hone their creative instruments and functionally integrate learning. Cassette instruction, individual assignments, and coaching are available.



The first Act offers a basic grounding in the ability to identify the personality-self, or character, as an expression of the I AM (the Player, or Higher Self). The primary focus is on discovering the wonder of the character as a vehicle that is a perfect representation of the Self.

This Act brings personality patterns into awareness. It provides practice in staying centered and conscious while creating the representative personality-self. Participants develop skills in releasing excess tension and in functioning with a purpose. Major areas of work include earning the right to function through the personality you thought yourself to be, and the creation of a new character.



Act II encourages the development of concrete skills for creating an inner and outer environment to enhance the process of becoming. It focuses on making the body more responsive to Player direction. There is training for proficiency in concentration. One learns the liberating art of “public solitude.”

Act II delves more deeply into purpose and objectives by beginning to delineate concise units of life experience. Participants learn to function with a sense of truth. The major work in this Act involves interacting with an outer source, and then re-creating the character encountered there, through your own form.



Act III presents the Self as the Power-to-Be-Conscious functioning as an energy system. Players practice stepping consciously into the energy world. They learn to register energy frequencies, experience them, and give them expression through the five chakras of character.

The focus throughout this Act is on empowering self-expression through the Solar Plexus. Participants learn techniques of memory recall and re-creation. They engage in extensive practice with shaping feelings and using them to motivate expression. They discover they do not simply “have” feelings and need not feel “caught” in them.

The major projects in this Act highlight the difference between “feelings” and “emotions.” Players use combinations of color, texture, movement and music for vivid Self-expression.



Act IV focuses on knowing one’s place in the Whole. To gain perspective on life, it is important to identify a Super-Objective. The Super-Objective gives the character’s life meaning and purpose.

In this Act, participants learn to identify and honor inner motivating forces. They practice adapting to life, relationships, and circumstances, rather than accommodating. They focus on activating the Will. And they learn to establish an unbroken line that summons and strengthens the inner creative state.

Major projects include the creation and enactment of a character from an outside source. It is a character that holds important insight for the individual’s relationship to the Whole. Players learn to refine objectives, identify life-units, and take self to the threshold of consciousness.



In Act V, participants devote themselves to work with the physical body, the voice, and speech. They learn to identify and respect the tempo and rhythm of the whole self.

The experiences in this Act are quite diversified. Players become more expressive by developing plasticity of body movement and harmonious tempo and rhythm. Work with sounds, diction, intonation, pauses, accentuation, poetry, and song expands vocal awareness. Players consciously create three faces of Self after uncovering the profound subtext in life that gives birth to diverse character expressions.



ACT VI offers a synthesis of techniques and concepts learned during the first five Acts. Participants have practiced changing character patterns and creating artistic responses to the now moment. They have worked creatively with the structure of the personality in the everyday world. They have experienced what it is to align character expression with energy frequency registration.

Players are now ready for EMERGENCE into the full recognition of the I AM in all forms of character expression. The major work of Act VI is a culmination of this individualized work.


No more than 16 are accepted in an Act. Applicants are received on a first come, first served basis.

We do not allow the use of drugs, including alcohol, during ™ sessions.


We ask everyone to make a disciplined commitment of concentrated energy and time so there is no distraction from the focus at hand.

We encourage full participation in all experiences and require attendance in all the sessions. We assess “full participation” according to each one’s ability and unfolding capacity. The work encourages integration. Everyone will work with the physical body and the vocal instrument as well as the creative imagination. We focus on the “still center” of knowing and teach the objective mind to serve consciousness.

The work of The ™ is not a form of therapy, nor is it to be used that way. It is, rather, an exercise in creative self-responsibility and self-direction under perceptive and intuitive guidance. Those who want to express the full power of Self in the company of other individualizing Beings will profit greatly from it. We ask that participants attend to psychological work, and individual personality problems, or opportunities, in other contexts.

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   "When I began The work, all of the methods of working were unfamiliar to me.  I have been lovingly and carefully guided through a deep clear learning process which has broken up my life-long shyness and fear of expressing myself.  this work has dissolved the stiffness in my physical body, and my old processes of trying to control what happens."
HJ, San Diego, CA

H. W., Retired Educator, California:

“. . . the most important activity of my entire life. I pushed through my own limits with your loving and insistent guidance . . . I grew tremendously . . .”

M. D., Medical Doctor, Ontario, Canada

“The . . . work covers such a spectrum, it’s difficult to even think of it in comparison to other growth work. . . It was exquisite, magic, deeply moving, and boundless in its scope and unfolding.”

J. C., Financial Planner, California

“ . . . I experienced . . . full preparation for embodying a new way of being — a way that merges both focus and spontaneity, a way that uses my mind, yet gives me tools for getting my character thoughts out of my own way.
. . . If you are ready for a new blossoming, I would urge you to [give] yourself the gift of time to be guided by Arleen and Diane — and your own ‘Player.’”

D. G., School Psychologist, Arizona

There is a criterion of excellence required and I feel compelled to meet it.”

M. M., Attorney at Law, New York

“The work . . . has made a tremendous difference in the quality of my life and the extent of my happiness . . . [it has] made me feel I am on the path toward consciousness.”



The work of The extends over several years. It is deep, experiential work with facilitators who are committed to the ongoing unfolding of the participants.
  For more information, contact Teleos Institute



Calendar 2008
September 7 - 20, 2008 Act VI The Focus is on "I AM"
For those who have completed Act V

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