Personal Life Coaching



The best professionals have coaches. You can enjoy the same benefits for your personal and spiritual development. You can work in person or in the comfort of your own surroundings by telephone. You will receive digital recordings of your sessions and be able to follow your progress from week to week.

We provide individual coaching in unconditional love, meditative disciplines, and effective techniques for discovering your True Self, aligning the components of Self, and manifesting visions.

Partnership with a coach can help you find clarity, confidence and courage to be the change you want to see happen.

As Coaches, Arleen Lorrance and Diane Kennedy Pike work with individuals, separately or as a team, in private consultations. It is their intent to provide spiritual counsel, encouragement, and support. They emphasize practical application of spiritual principles and inner knowing. Functioning intuitively, responding to the growing-edge being presented, they facilitate the unfolding process so that the self-direction of the explorer-in-consciousness is strengthened. Their purpose is to enable persons in transition to understand and integrate the shifts that are occurring in self and to move toward wholeness and powerful daily living.


For more information and appointments, contact:

Teleos Institute
c/o Lorrance & Pike
12000 N 90th Street #2025
Scottsdale, AZ 85260


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