The Challenge And Privilege Of
Embodying Unconditional Love

  By Mariamne Paulus

I recently read a book that stretched my mind in ways I haven’t experienced in many years. I value being challenged because I know how easy it is to settle into the comfort of the familiar, even though I am always engaged in study of several kinds.

The book I read is Anna, Grandmother of Jesus, by Claire Heartsong. [You can order the book at ] It is the life story of Anna as she told it to the author. That statement alone should give you a feeling for the mental stretch required. Here are words from the Foreword:

“There are those among us who serve as celestial historians and storytellers, bringing to light inner perceptions long hidden within the human psyche, as well as information that helps explain our life on Earth with its mysteries great and small. If it is higher consciousness you seek, we invite you to bring your spiritual nature and open mind as we go journeying into non-traditional concepts that continue to influence human lives today.” (page i)

I brought my spiritual nature and it resonated to the material in the book.

I brought my open mind and discovered that it clings to limitations, as do the supportive feelings. If I feel challenged and stretched by the possibilities recorded here, imagine what persons of traditional religious beliefs would think and feel.

I would like to share with you some of what challenged and stretched me. Then you will decide for yourself if you want to read the book.

How the Book Was Written

The author, Claire Heartsong, reports that in 1987 she experienced “a completely life-transforming physical encounter with the ascended master St. Germain (previously Joseph, the father of Yeshua, or Jesus).” Shortly after that she was informed that she had a close connection with Yeshua’s grandmother. “Almost a year later, while in deep meditation, Anna appeared to me on the inner planes and informed me that she desired to share her story with me.”

Claire reports that Anna communicated telepathically and also took her holographically into her experiences. Claire recorded the events. In 1998, over a decade later, she was told by Anna and the Councils of Light to tell Anna’s story for all those who were calling forth Christ Consciousness.

I am certainly among the latter group, as are most of you. Yet communication such as Claire describes goes beyond what I have experienced. However, it is not totally unknown to me, either.

So, I breathed deeply and, in abundant expectancy, began to read.

A Group Mission

One of the biggest ideas presented is this one: “A complex plan of assistance from celestial realms required incarnation of embodied spiritual volunteers to help anchor and fulfill the ancient prophecies of bringing a Messiah into physical life. It is our contention that Jesus’ grandmother, Anna, willingly cooperated with many celestial beings to assist in the divine event of bringing Mary, Jesus, Mary Magdalene, and others, onto planet earth. However, only by having disciplined and devoted members of the Essene community of Mount Carmel, Israel, as a receptive matrix of energy, was this possible.”

Many times over the past 35 years, I have intuitively recognized individuals and known that we are spiritually “related.” Many of us have talked about this as recognizing each other from past lives. Many of us have said we were in convents and monasteries together. Often we affirm we are here doing a work together.

Once, 30 years ago, I was shown inwardly that I was working with a large group of Light Bearers, most of whom I would never meet in the flesh. I have felt blessed to meet so many of you in the flesh. As OSO and I have been as faithful as we know how to be in the external work we have been given to do, we have affirmed again and again that we know others are doing the same work along with us, each in his/her own way.

As I read of the group of committed Light Workers to which Anna belonged, many of whom belonged to one group soul, I found myself considering the possibility that these connections we have felt and acknowledged go way beyond what I had imagined. Was it through some inner resonance that I chose the name Mariamne -- a name I knew was common in the 400 years before and after Jesus’ life, a name which is referenced throughout this Anna book? Is it only by coincidence that Arleen brought in the Love Principles as a practical way to embody unconditional love in our everyday lives? Or is it possible that the committed group dedicated to the embodiment of the Love of Christ Consciousness is even larger today than it was at the turn of the age 2,000 years ago and that many of us are helping to fulfill that commitment through the lives we are living?

Virginia Essene says in her foreword to the book, “It is our hope in presenting this book about Anna and the Essenes that you may find something inspiring that raises your consciousness and gives you courage and commitment to fulfill the particular soul purposes you wish to complete. If the material we share gives you new insight and increased willingness to be the finest spiritual human you can be, then we rest content.” (page vii)

My heart and mind are opened even wider now to what more may be wanted of me, and of us as a group.

Contributions to Our Growth

When I was quite young (27) and recently awakened to my true nature, I met several individuals who were twenty or more years my senior who had awakened years before. To a person, they spoke of how lonely their path had been. They found no one to talk to, no one to share their spiritual life and perceptions. Since I met several awakened beings in the first year after my cosmic breakthroughs, I felt extremely blessed that I was not alone. I never had to experience spiritual loneliness or isolation.

Moreover, because I awakened in 1965, I had the added blessing of riding the crest of the publishing wave that made widely available spiritual texts presenting material that had been passed along only by word of mouth or that had been held in virtual secrecy before the 20th Century. When I looked for a book on the chakras in 1970, for example, there were only three in print, one of which had to be ordered from India. By 1980 that number had multiplied by ten. That simple example was true of all books that were then classified as “occult.”

When in 1975 I wanted the Library of Congress to classify our book The Love Project Way under “Consciousness,” there was no such category, not even as a sub-category under psychology. Today “Consciousness” is a category of its own in the Library of Congress system. What a transformation in the availability of spiritual books has taken place in the last 30 years!

Time and again during our foreign travels over the past 35 years, I have “recognized” places, concepts, symbols, and teachings as if I had been there before, or as if I had learned all that “in another lifetime.” I had the same experience while reading Anna, Grandmother of Jesus. I resonated with Anna’s descriptions of Egypt, Britain, India, and Palestine. The difference was that as I read about the intentionality of Anna and the others who were part of her group of committed Light Bearers, I began to realize something I’d never seen before. These intuitive recognitions I have had and others, including you, have had, are the harvest of long years of intense spiritual work on the part of the Light Workers who preceded us.

When I lay in the sarcophagus in the King’s Chamber of the Giza Pyramid in Egypt in 1976 and felt “I’ve been here before;” when I knew I “knew” the three keys that would have given me access to the secret of resurrection, but couldn’t quite bring them to conscious expression; when I realized I had gone through the initiations represented by the pyramids, these were not “my” memories on a personal level. These were intimations of the knowledge stored in subconsciousness by thousands of dedicated spiritual beings who have labored to bring the Wisdom of the One Self to the level of understanding and then to fully embody it. To the extent they have been successful, their experiences have been stored as memory in the collective subconscious mind.

When I, or you, say “I” remember, it is the Real Self seeking to bring into consciousness through our personalities the collective memory so that it can be fully embodied again. It has taken me 40 years of study to prepare my personality, mind, and feeling nature for this understanding. But 40 years is a short time compared to Anna’s account of nearly 600 years of preparation to be ready to give birth to Mary, the mother of Jesus (Yeshua).

Anna reminds us in her account that we are intended to do all that Jesus did and more. When I read of their long and intense preparations for Light Conception (conscious birthing) and for bodily ascension (conscious raising of the vibration of the physical body until it is no longer “physical”), I recognized how fortunate we are in this era. All that knowledge is available to us as memory when we know ourselves to be conscious expressions of the One Self.

The Promise of Christ Consciousness

Back in the 1970’s, many people talked about the thousands of souls who had waited for this particular time period (the end of the Piscean Age and the beginning of the Aquarian Age -- 1900 to 2100) to complete their spiritual work. Many of us, who thought we were those souls, have grown disillusioned by the persistence of violence and warfare when we had thought the Aquarian Age would bring peace and worldwide understanding.

Another book, The Translucent Revolution, tells of the thousands of people who have awakened to Oneness. Now Anna, Grandmother of Jesus has given me a renewed vision.

I see that many of us have prepared our personalities to grasp, mentally and emotionally, the potential for physical embodiment of the Christ energy, which is unconditional love. It is our privilege and responsibility to fully manifest the promised peace and understanding, starting with the groups in which we have been living and doing our spiritual growth work, and from there, expanding outward into the world around us.

I feel the infusion of the accumulated energy of thousands of years of spiritual unfoldment supporting us, empowering us, with the memory that this can be done. As we bring that memory into conscious application and embodiment, we will fulfill the promise that we can do what Jesus did and more.

Doesn’t that expand your mind and heart? It certainly does mine. I am deeply grateful that you and I are doing this work together. We are embodying unconditional love and thus grounding Christ Consciousness in our time and place. That is both a challenge and a privilege.


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