by Arleen Lorrance


Before the United States invaded Iraq in a pre-emptive war to rid that nation of weapons of mass destruction, hundreds of thousands of people in nations around the world called for peaceful solutions.

From the day of our arrival in Roma and throughout our entire visit to Italy, covering many miles, we saw the Pace flag, a multicolored peace banner, hanging from windows, balconies, & flag poles.

It was a reminder to me that a new energy is rising in the people of the world. It is a ground swell for peace that I hope will one day reach up and touch the consciousness of world leaders, politicians, and officials who too often have narrow, constipated views of how “things must be done.” These views perpetuate the rise to and fall from power of dictators and puppets – the endless cycle of territorial gains and losses.

Pace asks us to relinquish fear: fear that builds distrust and anxiety; fear that is used by politicians and leaders to foist their agenda on the populace; fear that devours any focus on evolution.

Since 9/11 fear has been used as a weapon in the United States – chatter, alerts, threats.  The United States is creating congestion and who knows but that that congestion has resulted in a completely new and devastating disease called SARS – about as close to SCARES as we can get.

Pace invites us to try pre-emptive peace.



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