Exponential Change

by Arleen Lorrance


If I were a prophet I would deliver this message, Get Ready. Get ready for major change, not only in the way we live our lives but in the very lives we live. Get ready to have belief systems blown apart. Get ready for breakthroughs in consciousness, in inner vision, in human capacity.

This technological age is but a dim reflection of the changes that are occurring in our brains, in our beings. The flood gates are open on knowledge and wisdom. If we want to swim with the rushing current we must get ready, we must yield our limited preferences, and we must increase our capacity to function in the wave of the new.

Around 1889, Heinrich Hertz became the first man to send and receive radio waves. He produced electromagnetic waves in the laboratory and measured their wavelength and velocity. He showed that the nature of their reflection and refraction was the same as those of light, confirming that light waves are electromagnetic radiation. The earliest experiments with radio broadcast followed on the heels of this discovery.

I try to image how isolated and separate all areas of the world were prior to this awakening. Communication exploded into previously unimaginable dimensions. The shells on the eggs of human life cracked to expose us to contact with each other and we began our walk toward acknowledging that we are one being reflecting each other in light.

By 1927, Philo T. Farnsworth, a self-taught genius in San Francisco, transmitted the image of a horizontal line to a receiver in the next room when he was only 21. Soon, we were not only hearing each otherís voice on the radio, we were seeing each otherís images in our own homes. We were looking into the beings who were expressions of our own selves.

In the 19th century our communication with each other was restricted and profoundly hampered by time and space. Today, we touch each other instantly with no barriers and we are coming to know that we have no limits. It happened for Farnsworth as a 14-year-old farm boy in Idaho. He was a math whiz who stewed over how to send pictures, not just sound, through the air. He had been plowing a field when, with a jolt, he realized an image could be scanned by electrons the same way; row by horizontal row.

This is what we need to get ready for: the breakthroughs in human consciousness that come as we stand in the fields of the energy world and realize that the objective world which appears to separate us is merely an agreed upon reality. Beyond the sounds and sights of what we call life is a merged state of being so all encompassing, so composed of grace, that we have only to inhale the light of who we are in order to manifest the Divine. Get Ready.



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