Empowered By Love

Arleen Lorrance &
Diane Kennedy Pike

Destined to embody and teach unconditional love, the two, without benefit of advertising, have traveled the world leading “practice sessions,” facilitating intensives, conducting classes, guiding Journeys into Self, serving as personal consciousness coaches, producing a bi-annual magazine, publishing 26 books between them, and forming a unique, all-inclusive Love Family of independent persons who are never alone because they are linked in love energy.

This memoir reveals intimate details of their lives and work together. It contains vivid examples of how they lived the Love Principles, including Be the Change, and Problems are Opportunities. They thrived because they had No Expectations, because they Received All People as Beautiful, and because they Provided Others with Opportunities to Give.

The book is replete with heart-warming stories of Love Family transformations and with invaluable wisdom learned and lived over almost half a century. Their story is a model of how to Create Your Own Reality Consciously and how to live in the Universal Flow so that what you require comes to you because you make the commitment to receive, to meet, and to become what you are given.

To receive an autographed copy: Send $29.95 (plus $5.00 postage) to Teleos Institute, 12000 N 90th Street, Scottsdale AZ 85260-8631 (480.694.1611/1612/1612)  Canadians: Please pay in U.S. dollars and send $8.00 for S/H.

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Empowered by Love will be available on Amazon in February 2017.



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