Consciousness Coaching


We offer Consciousness Coaching with one or both of us. We can schedule single sessions with individuals or couples, or we do a series of six which begins with a focus on the purpose for the sessions and setting an agenda so that progress can be measured as we move along. We have made Consciousness Coaching available for four decades and those who have availed themselves of this service have benefited greatly. We invite you to join us if this you sense this would serve you at this time in your life. The sessions are confidential and you may request a recording so that you may listen to the hour many times over.

The fee schedule is as follows:

Single hour with one of us is $150, with both of us $225.

Series of Six with one of us is $800 (or if each half is prepaid, $400 x 2 , a savings of $100)

Series of Six with both of us, prepaid, is $1200 (or if each half is prepaid, $600 x 2, a savings of $150.)

The Corporate scale is $250 for each of us, $500 for both for each hour.

Contact: Arleen Lorrance or Diane Pike by e-mail: or or by phone: 480.694.1611/1612.




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