Aboriginal Healing Techniques

  By Mariamne Paulus

In the 1970’s, when OSO and I were facilitating workshops every weekend all over the United States, our focus was on teaching people to live the Love Principles. We searched for ways to talk about Love that would not trigger people’s private world definitions and experiential conditioning. We began to speak of Love as unblocked life energy flowing through all the chakras, but especially through the heart chakra.

To give people a direct experience of themselves and others as energy, and to provide them with an experiential referent for blocked and unblocked energy, we did lots of breathing through the chakras, and we also taught people to sense energy with their hands. We used to exchange total body energy massages, moving our hands through the etheric envelope that surrounds the body (though we never used to label it) and never touching the physical body. We would stress the importance of conscious breathing while giving a massage so that unblocked energy flowed in on the in-breath and out through the hands on the out-breath. 

Many people started our weekends thinking we were off the wall.  Men were especially skeptical of “energy” talk, but many women discounted our suggestion that they could clear blocked energy by simply passing their hands through another’s field. By the end of a weekend, almost everyone had experienced the power of this simple transaction.

I remember vividly a hefty athletic guy who was absolutely certain this was all hogwash.  I convinced him to be a good sport and lie down on his stomach, close his eyes, and see what would happen.  Two women began “massaging” his field by passing their hands close to his body but never touching him.  In response to the magnetism of the women’s hands, his legs involuntarily lifted off the rug.  The women were so astonished they could hardly keep still. 

About five minutes later, we told everyone to stop, and the man sat up.  We asked him to report what he experienced.  “Nothing,” he said proudly.  “I didn’t feel a thing.”  We asked the women to report, and when they told about his legs “levitating,” the guy’s eyes opened wide and he said, “You’re making that up.” But there were witnesses: the two women, OSO and I. His private world conviction that this was hogwash had made it impossible for him to notice or experience the energy, even though functionally he was responding to it.

OSO and I also used to teach self-healing by having people move their hands through their own etheric envelopes until the pain or discomfort eased. This is something I have done on myself for over thirty years. If I hit myself on something or burn myself, I can prevent any bruising or blistering by simply moving the energy until the stinging stops (as the initial pain eases, stinging remains until the trauma passes).  I have also healed deep cuts and stopped bleeding for other people when they suffered wounds.

Why do I tell all of this? Because I experienced goose bumps of recognition and resonance when I read the account of a healing by the Aborigines in Marlo Morgan’s book Mutant Message from Forever. She watched a man fall over a cliff and break his leg so severely that his bones were splintered and protruding through the skin.

The author watched while the healers of the tribe began to move their hands up and down the wounded leg about one inch away from the surface of his skin. As they did, they concentrated on the cells in his legs and on their intention to reconnect the former pattern of the healthy leg by jogging the memory of the cells. They talked to the bone, encouraging it to return to its perfect pattern. Morgan saw the bone straighten as if they had pulled it back into alignment, yet they had not touched it. She watched the bone reconstitute itself and the skin repair. The next day, the man was walking on his leg as if nothing had happened.

As Morgan reflected on the experience, she said that the Aborigines explained that there are several essential elements to such a healing.

The Elements Of Healing

First, there is the energetic reconnection that occurs as hands are passed through the etheric body where the memory of the perfect pattern is held. This jogs the memory of the cells into acknowledging the true nature of their healthy state, and they begin to realign with that state.

Second, they told her that moving their hands through the energy field removes any shock that has been experienced. This prevents swelling and bruising.

Third, they used chanting and singing to reinforce the restored harmony, and then sealed the wound with menstrual blood. They assured her that these things guaranteed there would be no pain and no after-effects. (The man had no scar on his leg.)

Fourth, once the healing ceremony was finished, they gave no more energy, time, or attention to the fall. The circle of the event was closed, and neither the healers nor the man who had fallen ever referred to it again. This was in accordance with one of their ten principles for living, called “Closing the circle of experience.”(See accompanying article on our Journey Into Self.)

Finally, they said that healing has only one source: the power within. They said that how we feel emotionally about things is what really registers. It is recorded in every cell of the body, in the core of the personality, in the mind, and in the eternal self. Therefore, if the patient is open and receptive to receive wellness and believes in a state of full and immediate recovery, then it can occur. In this case, the man who fell was not only open to receive healing, but he was absolutely certain that there would be no residual weakness the next day, and there wasn’t.

Though I have personally healed conditions both instantaneously and within a few minutes of an injury, I had not ever worked out a “philosophy” of healing. I especially appreciated reading this account from Marlo Morgan because it spelled out in detail what I knew inwardly but had never put into words in that way. Knowing how the Aborigines heal gives me greater confidence to proceed with both self-healing and with aiding others when an occasion arises.

Pursuing Alternative Healing

It has also been helpful to me to learn more about the role of etheric energy in healing through my study of the Qabalah. Learning that the perfect pattern for our physical bodies, for example, is held in astral substance and that it must pass through the etheric envelope if the body is to be imprinted has enabled me to work with greater intelligence and understanding with self-healing. I can offer a recent example.

Last July I awoke one morning with both hands on fire with pain. The fingers on both hands had drawn inward toward the palm and I could not open them. The joints at the base of each finger felt as if a hot poker was burning into it. I could not imagine what had happened to my hands.

As the days went on and I was unable to use my hands except minimally, I grew concerned. I went to both my chiropractor and my massage therapist. They  both “labeled” the condition as “trigger finger” but said they did not think they could do anything to help me. I went to my family doctor who said it looked and sounded like rheumatoid arthritis. He took blood tests and referred me to an arthritis specialist who took x-rays to provide supplemental information to the blood tests.

He concluded I did not have rheumatoid arthritis and expressed surprise that I had no bone spurs in my joints as he would have expected. He wanted to put me on pain medication, but when I wormed out of him that the possible side effects were damage to the liver and kidneys, I politely declined.

I went to another massage therapist who told me she had worked for 18 years with arthritis patients.  She grabbed hold of my hands and forcibly opened them, bending the fingers backwards.  I screamed with pain, but she did not let go. She said, “I want you to bend your fingers backwards like this every day.” Even though the pain was excruciating for several months, I have continued to bend the fingers backward as she instructed and I believe it has served me well.

 Focusing On The Pattern

But the most important thing that happened, I believe, was that I observed one evening during a bridge class that there were several women in the room who had the same condition as I did.  One woman told me she had had three operations to correct the tightening tendons, but her hands only got worse. As I observed, it occurred to me that they were all manifesting the same pattern: the pattern of arthritic hands.

I went home that night and had a long talk with the cells in my hands.  I said, “I recognize that you have started to manifest the pattern of arthritic hands, but that is not what we are going to do.  We are going to manifest the perfect pattern of normal hands and I will help you do it. Let’s consider this a crisis you are going through. You will pass through it, and when you do you will manifest the pattern of healthy hands again.” 

Then I focused with my awareness on the invisible pattern in astral energy and breathed it down through the etheric envelope and into my hands. I moved the energy through the etheric envelope around my hands. I massaged them lovingly to ease them through their crisis.  I stretched them backward every time I thought of it throughout each day. And once I had discovered Emu oil in New Zealand, I used it to massage my hands several times a day as I chanted to them to bring them back into their harmony.

I have been diligent in touching the perfect pattern on the astral and bringing it down with my intention through the etheric envelope into my hands.  As of the month of May, almost all my strength has returned to my hands, they are beautifully straight and normal in their configurated pattern, and I am nearly pain free.  I continue my daily healing interaction with my hands and I am confident they will recover their full perfection.

I am grateful for the reinforcement I received from studying Aboriginal wisdom for the art of healing. I know that many of you have practiced moving energy through the etheric envelope in sessions with us. Perhaps this brief recapitulation of the Aboriginal philosophy of healing will also encourage you to utilize this technique with greater confidence and frequency.


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