Worlds Within Worlds

by Arleen Lorrance


I suspect life would be easier for me if I was a believer – a believer of anything. But that is not and has not ever been the case. I was alienated from religion as a small child, observing its divisive nature, and have considered myself blessed to be a free spirit. Rather than believe in anything, what is important to me is what I know. I live by what I know and devote my life to embodying what I know.

In September 1969, I had my first experience of breaking through to cosmic consciousness. I went beyond the veil into another level of reality and was immersed in the energy world. I have had similar experiences on rare occasions since then.

I know when this phenomenon is occurring because it is completely different from having insights or more clarity of seeing. There is a quickening in my third eye center and a resounding in the crown chakra. My being is seemingly stopped, the whole of my attention singularly focused, and because of the great movement of energy, I feel almost nauseous.

 In August, 2004, during a visit with Patricia Bradley (the person who introduced Mariamne and me to each other back in 1971) in Santa Rosa, California, I once again experienced going beyond the veil, entering the energy world, and “seeing” beyond my physical eyes into the Realm of Truth.

Patricia, a Sai Baba devotee, shared with us that Sai Baba says that this is the only planet with human life, and with human life that aspires to know God. The moment she said that, the shift, the opening, the seeing occurred. I saw worlds within worlds. I saw what “worlds within worlds” means.

Yes, this is the only planet with human life that aspires to know God because that is the unique role that we play in the vastness of the cosmos. This is our (our entire universe’s) work as a single cell in the body of creation.

For other solar systems, galaxies, and universes, the life forms and aspirations are other. They are not only other but they are so uniquely different that we, from this perspective, cannot have any notion of what they are even though they are an integral and essential part of the whole unfolding process of consciousness and creation. Worlds within worlds.

Outer space exploration is really inner space exploration. It is as if we are looking out from our single cell/universe to see what comprises the rest of the whole body; as if a single lip cell were trying to comprehend the whole body in which it exists. We have yet to explore the whole of our single cell (our universe) thus making it unfathomable to grasp what exists beyond our awareness.

I had never seen such a knowing before, nor did I have any inkling that this is what is meant by the more: the more that is out there beyond our reach or grasp in the vastness, the endlessness beyond the stars.

We seek to find other intelligent life but we look for what we will recognize. We look for what we can see, but that amounts to what we know or have already experienced. We cannot see beyond that because we have no referent for it.

In so much of our science fiction, in books and films, we encounter our fantasy of aliens in outer space. This is because we view each other as aliens and enemies and try to kill each other or to dominate each other through war. In truth, because we are one, because we are each other, we kill the Self in each such encounter.


We Aspire To Know Self, God

Perhaps that is why we, on this planet, aspire to know what we call God. This is the name for the Self, and we have labeled that Self as outside of us, as apart from or other than ourselves. So, yes, this is the planet, the cell in the whole, whose phase of development is to merge, to become, to know I AM. And then, to sustain that knowing and to live through it (as if it were really true).

We are this. We are the cell, the minute pinpoint in the body of consciousness and creation that is forever dedicated and devoted to knowing I AM. The process is ongoing and endless with each of us, dipping and rising, failing and succeeding, longing and knowing, embodying and forgetting. We are the symbol for eternal life, the figure eight, going round and round the configuration. Evolution is the task of functioning in fine frequencies of consciousness more often and in a more sustained stream.

It is not that we can’t go beyond this level until everyone is ready. It is that we are not going anywhere because we are here. This is it. This is what be here now means. Be what we see to be now because this is our work, the work of becoming and manifesting God in the flesh through our choices and our deeds. There is no reward. The reward is in the being and in the doing. That is to fulfill our uniqueness and to make our contribution to the Whole. We don’t graduate into another form because we exist side by side in the whole, playing our role.

What is awesome is that from a tiny point in the consciousness of one human being, energies ray out to encompass all that exists on our planet and in our solar system, and that very solar system is but a single point in the whole of creation and consciousness.

On the one hand, our struggles, wars, politics, droughts, celebrations, and advances seem trivial in the face of the magnitude of infinity. And yet, every thought, every word, every deed, every feeling affects all of us, our entire planet, our whole solar system, and, the Greater Whole in which we are barely distinguishable.

Now that is a breakthrough.


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