Our Challenge

by Arleen Lorrance

Endless war, killing, and destruction is humanity's distorted way of struggling for power. It is an effort to have power over others. This ultimately results in a reversal of fortunes when a third party defeats the temporary victor and exercises power over it.

This struggle for power is fed by greed -- as if the more we have the more we will be. Instead, the more we have leads to the more we want and the more we have to do to get it.

This perpetual quest for power is dominion turned to domination. It is to seek to control rather than to care for.

In our misguided, tormented battle for power, what we really seek is the secret of our very origins -- the power through which we came into existence.

We kill each other to claim the ultimate control which none can have. It is unattainable. Power is not over anyone or anything. Power is to create, to manifest. Power is to give and we alas seek it through taking.

We battle to acquire, to snatch, and to win what we already are. We want it all and we are already all there is!

We want to conquer, to defeat those who we consider separate and different, to make everyone live and believe as we do because we struggle to return to what is -- to what we have forgotten - that we are One. Without knowing that, there is no power because we have separated ourselves from who we are.

We bloat ourselves with self-pride. In racism, for example our only affirmations of self come from diminishing others. We create a false superiority.

We need to see in ourselves what is mirrored for us in the perfection of Nature and in the miracle of our bodies. Instead of seeking superiority and domination, we really long to know the grandeur, the holiness of creation itself, the grandeur and holiness of ourselves. Through our inventions we discover only what already is. Through our expressions of creativity we come to know the more of who we already are.

We seek through power over others to equal the miracle of life itself but the real way for us to meet and match the wonder that appears to be beyond our reach is through unconditional love, discipline, devotion, and reverence for all life.

Who among us has touched even our own rudimentary capacity for unconditional love? Imagine adoring [ital.]every human being, cherishing every life form, delighting ecstatically in every unfolding moment. Rudimentary unconditional love would be expressed in constant awe at the privilege of being alive.

Were we doing this, we would hear the constant music of the spheres instead of the blasting of gunfire. We would be shining with light like the angelic kingdom rather than struggling to keep our feelings from descending into depression, anger, and darkness. We would be able to say, "I have been to the mountaintop and my eyes have seen the glory." We would know that power means that the greatest quality a human can exhibit is love.

I feel it. I sense it. I can touch it. I am not afraid of our capacity, our potential. There is no separation between the angelic kingdom and us. We disown ourselves. We opt for turmoil and struggle. We choose suffering. We seek to control.

We take up causes rather than cause ourselves to evolve.

In our self-inflicted separation, our eviction of ourselves from the Garden of Eden, we cannot merge for we would burn up in the fire of the Light because of the density we bring.

When we choose to embody who we actually are, when we touch this finer frequency, this realm of the angels, we will no longer be able to function as less than that.

We will say, "Behold, I see myself face to face. I am that which is in the midst of all that is. I am that.

The God Force, the yang, the initiator and innovator says of itself, "I am that I am." It is in this image that we are made -- the spirit become flesh. That image is Mother Force, the yin, the manifestation of what is breathed into being, the form.

Until we awaken to remember that we are the image of "God," we are stuck, thinking we are the form rather than the creator of form.

Like Mother Nature we remain subject to the free fall between polarities. We are expressions of storms and flowering, violence and peace.

Until we awaken to consciousness, we remain adrift on seas of happenstance and consquence as we ride the waves of emotions and thoughts.

Our challenge is to rise above identification with images that appear substantive, to know ourselves as energy in a constant state of change and as the creative force that can, in the twinkling of an eye, become anything.

When we know this to be true, when we know "I am that I am," we no will longer struggle with what has been, with what we "believe exists as real." Instead, we will see through what appears to blind us, we will awaken from the dream and we will see endless possibilities. We will innovate. We will walk boldly into the unknown. We will become powerful creators of the new because we will give ourselves over to discovery. We will manifest what we see, knowing it is only and ever temporary -- a stepping stone to the more that awaits our limitless and ever-expanding vision.

As long as we remain trapped in objective consciousness, we will be doomed to a history that endlessly repeats itself. The power we seek over others is the power we wish we had to express our true self: the power to transmute our human nature in order to know ourselves as spirit capable of all glory.


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