Celebrants: A New Order Of Human Being

by Arleen Lorrance


Observing the horror of terrorism, I cried out in myself seeking an answer. I asked, “What would happen to the human race and to human consciousness if we forgave each other, if we loved each other, if we championed each other instead of blaming each other and damning each other? What would happen to the human race if we committed ourselves to bringing out the best in each other, to honoring each other, to reaching across to help our so-called enemies achieve what they yearn for?

“Who will be the first to be cured of the madness that has stricken humanity in endless forms since the beginning of time?”

I laid my head on my pillow, asking these questions. What I heard in my heart was that the answer was an evolutionary leap. If I wanted to impact the human race, if I wanted to be the change I wanted to see happen, I needed to become a New Order of Human Being – a CELEBRANT.

A CELEBRANT loves unconditionally, speaks positively and kindly, offers ways and means to move forward, champions all people without taking sides or holding opinions.

A CELEBRANT rejoices in human potential and human capacity, encourages those who struggle, defends those who are vulnerable, and enriches the lives of all.

A CELEBRANT supports safety and independence for those on all sides of conflicts, takes stands for all sides in all issues, and refuses to participate in political or racial name-calling.

A CELEBRANT functions with courage, with determination, with joy and caring, with humor that is inclusive, and takes stands that honor all human beings without exception.

A CELEBRANT listens, receives, adapts, gives, cares about others’ points of views, seeks to alleviate suffering, and strengthens those who seek to embody positive change.

A CELEBRANT is committed to growth in consciousness, to loving in even the most trying circumstances, and to knowing that every thing and every one is of the Light.

A CELEBRANT moves beyond the concept and struggle of good and evil, knowing that the greater challenge and growth arena is between good and great – therein lies our next step as developing human beings.

I know that it will be a challenge for me to move into this new order of human being. I will have to release preferences and opinions about human behavior. I will have to give up any humor that is at anyone else’s expense (I have already been working on this for over a year.) I will have to speak kindly about those who wage war and rage in the streets, those who devote themselves to death and to causing death. I will have to embrace those who support positions that I have found untenable for me, especially political and “moral.”

I will have to lift myself into the frequency band of light in which I radiate forgiveness and celebration, knowing that when all of humankind can do this, we will become a race of creators. And when we will destroy, it will not be each other, but rather, that which no longer serves because we have outgrown it and it has become obsolete.

I welcome you to join me, to become a CELEBRANT, to set in motion the emergence of this new order of human beings. It will not happen overnight, but over years and generations. Each of us as individuals will make the choice to live in this new way. We will teach our children and they will teach their children. And then, new world leaders will emerge who will celebrate life, honor and respect every "other" as one with self, and who will initiate and govern with love. When there are enough of us, we, the human race, will drop our clubs, step out of our caves and walk upright in the Light.


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