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THE LOVE PRINCIPLES, by Arleen Lorrance. A broad, practical exploration of the transformational power of unconditional love. Emphasizes the importance of using all the principles together. [Trade Paper, 212 pp.]


THE LOVE PROJECT, by Arleen Lorrance. The story of how The Love Project began in a ghetto high school in Brooklyn, New York. [Paper, 103 pp.]



WHY ME?  HOW TO HEAL WHAT’S HURTING YOU, by Arleen Lorrance. A book of hope, inspiration and help, enabling the reader to set healing energy in motion through a carefully delineated process. Applicable to physical, emotional, mental and/or spiritual conditions of disease. [Hardcover, 186 pp.]


LIFE IS VICTORIOUS! HOW TO GROW THROUGH GRIEF, by Diane Kennedy Pike. A detailed account of one person’s experience of grief following the death of her husband, offered as an ex­ample of how persons can make positive responses to difficult — even tragic — circumstances in their own lives. [Hardcover, 209 pp.]


INDIA THROUGH EYES OF LOVE, by Arleen Lorrance. The story of an ad­ven­ture into the heart of Self while traveling for four weeks in India and Nepal, practicing re­leasing private world images of what should be in order to see what is. [Paper, 154 pp.]



THE HOUSE OF SELF by Mariamne Paulus (DKP)

              Provides words, concepts, and images for individuals who are learning to function in the energy world. Describes the structure and function of the individual’s energy field.


LIFE AS A WAKING DREAM, by Diane Pike             An introduction to an original technique that guides people in deciphering the hidden messages of "waking dreams." A way to tap into the wisdom and insight revealed by the experiences of everyday life. [Revised Trade Paper, 320 pp.]


AWAKENING TO WISDOM by Mariame Paulus (DKP) Awakening to Wisdom provides a compelling introduction to a study of the Wisdom Teachings as well as a clear and practical orientation to the process of awakening that Seekers undergo. [Paper, 173 pp.]


FOUR PATHS TO UNION, by Mariamne Paulus (DKP) A presentation of the paths of devotion, action, contemplation, and self-mastery as individualized approaches to the quest for meaning, for purpose, for a worthy cause or leader, or for self-knowledge. [Trade Paper, 264 pp.]


COSMIC  UNFOLDMENT:   THE INDIVIDUALIZING PROCESS AS MIRRORED IN THE LIFE OF JESUS, by Diane Kennedy Pike. Describes the various stages by which individuals awaken and recognize their inherent divinity, utilizing key Biblical passages to il­lustrate each phase. [Paper, 99 pp.]


THE TWO, by Arleen Lorrance. This compelling novel, a spiritual thriller, explores whether good and evil are equal. Surprising twists and turns in the plot challenge the reader to acknowledge that all human beings are capable of all things. [Paper, 492 pp.]


MY JOURNEY INTO SELF, PHASE ONE, by Diane Kennedy Pike. Diane’s spiritual autobiography through her 34th year, sharing her movement from devout Christian belief about God into cosmic knowing of what Is. [Paper, 161 pp.]


BORN OF LOVE, by Arleen Lorrance. A poetic tale of birthing, be­com­ing and being in which Arleen describes her con­scious choice to give her child-within the experience of being born of Love to a new mother, thus healing a wound in her own psyche. [Illustrated] [Paper, 175 pp.]


MUSINGS FOR MEDITATION, by Arleen Lorrance. A sprightly and thought-provoking book  of insights and brief essays on life. [Paper, 174 pp.]


IMAGES, by Arleen Lorrance. A book of poetry offer­ing food for the soul through images of Self, of Relationship, of God, of Day, of Season, and of Wisdom. [Paper, 82 pp.]



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