What Can We Do?

By  Arleen Lorrance & Mariamne Paulus

 We live in troubled times: terrorism, financial instability and insecurity, global warming, bullying in politics and through the Internet, secrets exposed, people living in poverty, thousands of refugees fleeing their homelands, problems with immigration, issues of the separation of religion and state, sexual struggles,  hunger, epidemics, natural disasters and severe weather – to name a few.

What can we do? We can contribute to the emergence of a new planetary spiritual civilization by renewing and deepening our conscious commitments in our own daily lives to being our highest and best. Joining together in a focus such as this, we can invite finer frequencies of energy and greater degrees of light in order to help bring about a paradigm shift in the body of humanity.

The group of us who have been studying and growing together for thirteen years in the Energy Odyssey were inspired at our recent workshop by these words from a Jewish Kabbalist named Ezekiel:

 “We are living in a time in which the whole future – not only of Israel but of humanity – is at stake. This is why the wisdom of Kabbalah, which was kept hidden for so long, in a closely guarded and protected oral tradition handed down from master to disciple from the time of Moses, is now being written down and given out to anyone sincere and humble enough to try to embody it. Just as the Tibetan mystics kept their wisdom to themselves for almost two thousand years and are now opening its treasures to the world, so we kabbalists understand that the time has come to share what we know. In the pain and struggle of our time, a planetary spiritual civilization is struggling to be born.  It will bring together, in a way no one of us can yet imagine, all the highest teachings of all the greatest mystical traditions to give humanity what it needs to meet the terrible challenges it faces, and to prepare it for a wholly new and wonderful flowering that the prophecies of many religions foresee.  This flowering is not certain, but it is possible if we want it enough and work for it.  Sometimes I think of this new, spiritual, planetary civilization struggling to be born as one vast rose, each of its petals distinct but unified in a larger and radiant order, representing the highest truths of the different traditions.  Just imagine what a powerful fragrance it will have!  Just to begin to imagine the fragrance of such a rose, the rose for which the whole history of humanity has been a preparation, is to fall silent in wonder and gratitude.”

 We Can:

1.       Make a specifically worded commitment to be a force of Light and Love in the world and to practice that commitment actively every day.

2.      Consider gathering a small group of friends you know to be on spiritual paths to ask them to share your commitment.

3.      Find specific ways to be the change you want to see happen in the world through your daily activities, knowing that the force of what you embody will join together with what others are being and doing.

As individuals committed to personal and spiritual growth, and as a group committed to grow together, we were inspired by Ezekiel’s words to renew our commitment to be a force of Light in the world.  We count ourselves among those who are sincere and humble enough to try to embody the Wisdom represented by the Qabalah and other spiritual traditions and to dedicate ourselves to the birthing of a planetary spiritual civilization.  We want it enough to work for it and we invite you to join us in this effort.

A Force of Light and Love in the World

Many in the world are expressing light, love, kindness, and caring in their daily interactions, but they may feel isolated and therefore doubt whether their random acts of love and kindness can make a significant difference. We have noticed, for example, that when surveys are done to determine religious practices, they ask only whether people are members of organized religious groups. Those surveys indicate that memberships in religious groups are steadily declining. However, when people are asked if they believe in God, the numbers are far higher.

Until now, no one includes in such surveys the question as to whether individuals are devoted to their own spiritual growth and to the spiritual advancement of humanity as a whole.  We believe such a survey would indicate a growing number of people who are spiritual without being affiliated with an organized religion.  This growing body of devoutly spiritual individuals is helping to change and evolve global consciousness.  These changes do not make headlines yet, but they are happening nevertheless.

The Teleos Love Family is part of that spiritual movement and is contributing to the expansion of consciousness and to the ability to function more effectively in the energy world.  In our Energy Odyssey group we are taking our individual efforts to a more intentional level in order to participate actively in setting the stage for what might well be a paradigm shift in human consciousness. We are setting a purpose as a group to be a Force of Light that will open pathways to greater creative expression and to more harmonious living where inhumanity is still prevalent on any level. We want to invite you to join us in this effort.

There are those in our world who live from day to day in a daze, who have no idea of their potential to become more than they are currently embodying. Because we are All One Self, that daze is part of each of us: the part that settles for less and has no idea that breakthroughs await us if we open ourselves to the more. In our Energy Odyssey study and practice we have expanded our awareness of the power that is available to us in the Energy World. That power is less vocal, less visible, and less tangible than what is expressed by those who take up political causes or volunteer in various humanitarian efforts, but it is exponentially more effective in facilitating a new order of human beings.

What We Can Do

The Teleos Love Family is creating a Circle of Light to enfold our world and encourage a planetary spiritual civilization to blossom.  We are united in our intention and purpose and we will give life to those intentions through our individual commitments and actions in our daily lives.

It is our deepest heart’s desire to contribute to the transformation of human consciousness through the expression of unconditional love and effective individual action.  We hope you will join us by awakening abundant expectancy that such transformation is possible.