By Arleen Lorrance


          What happens in a split second takes endless time to repair. I have learned this too many times. An accidental cut on a finger takes no time to execute. Then it hurts, it bleeds, it requires attention, it takes weeks to heal. A misstep off a curb happens in a flash. But the sprain or break that results, takes months and maybe even surgery for recovery.

          Whatever we do can take an instant, but the aftermath is long and often complicated. This applies also when we say something and the imprint of it lasts as if forever and we invest energy in forgiving ourselves, seeking forgiveness from others, wishing we hadn’t said it in the first place, searching for how to make it better.

          This phenomenon shows the true nature of reality creation. The word or action is made flesh and “flesh” must be dealt with, coped with. Once created it demands our attention.

          I have an image of energy emanating from us, entering the air/the world, and becoming a “thing.” We breathe, we move, and we imprint the world. Not just our immediate surroundings, but the world at large. Our actions create realities and those affect humans and nature around us and that imprint, in turn, creates other realities and all these, in one way or another, revolve around the globe and into the universe. Every action, every thought, every word, every deed imprints and causes something to happen. And the aftermath lingers because it has become substantive.

          We experience this on every level: in familial interactions, in politics, in industry, in nature.

          One family member injures another in word or deed and the whole family is affected, sometimes for decades. A politician creates and hammers a lie, and millions believe it so deeply they cannot let it go. Pollution is emitted in one small town and climate change increases thousands of miles away. A cyclone touches down for a second and destruction requires cleanup for years.

Conversely, a parent expresses tenderness for a child and, feeling loved, that child brings the essence of that tenderness to his peers. A leader offers hope and whole populations are inspired to bring expressions of that into being. Someone discovers how to create a communication device and soon the whole world can see each other. A flower opens and its sweet scent catches a passerby whose face lights with a smile and soon those around her are smiling too, yet may not know why.

          There are instant and lasting consequences and creations stemming from everything that is brought into consciousness.

          This tells me how vital it is that everything I feel, I think, I do, requires consciousness lest, like a sneeze, I spray my world with undirected energy.

          We are each a living cell in the body of what we call God. We each have Divine power, whether we know it or not. If we live our lives unconsciously, we squander that creativity. We slip, we fall, we awaken distress. We waste our life force. Yet, if we are present in every moment we can make choices, we can magnificently imprint, and we can see before our eyes the results of creation as they come into being.

          The manifested world is the aftermath of our daily living. We need only to look at it to know what we need to improve in the contributions we make with each breath.