In a Perfect World

By Arleen Lorrance

In a perfect world people would realize that we are all One, that separation is an illusion, that all our differences simply represent variety.

In a perfect world we would use our personal power to make the world a better place for everyone, everywhere. We would know that the power we have is for creating realities of joy, of union, of love, of creativity, of productivity.

In a perfect world we would speak and act with kindness. We would go out of our way to help others whenever we saw the need and we would consider ourselves blessed that we were given that opportunity.

In a perfect world leaders and elected officials would give their entire attention to serving those they represent. They would listen to their constituents and enable their will to become a reality. They would focus on giving of their skills and abilities and not on personal gain or leverage. They would constantly look to see how they could support others, reach consensus in the presence of differences, and institute polices that would allow everyone to thrive.

In a perfect world we would honor and cherish the earth and never seek short term gain that would threaten its survival.

In a perfect world everyone would have enough, and no one would have excess.

In a perfect world we would realize that people are who they are and that every configuration and choice is normal even as they are different, and that it is not for any majority to determine who and how others should be.

In a perfect world no one would force their beliefs on others. They would use their beliefs to guide their own lives only and they would respect others and whatever their beliefs might be.

In a perfect world no one would lie or cheat or steal, or insult or degrade others. No one would create false realities. No one would seek advantage that disadvantages others.

In a perfect world war would not exist and everyone would acknowledge its futility.

In a perfect world there would be nothing to protest. We would sing rather than shout.

In a perfect world we would simply love each other, every day, in every way.

I have been told that it is impossible to have a perfect world. I will not allow my vision to be diminished. It wouldn’t take much to create that perfect world. All it would need would be for every person alive to be the change that would embody the perfect world. I know that is asking a lot, but I know it is possible because I am one who is willing and committed. I also know several other people who are also willing and committed. We have patience. We will set the example. The rest of humanity will soon discover that if we are to survive, they too will have to shift and change.