Holy,  Holy,  Holy

By   Arleen  Lorrance


The recent plane crash in the Alps was a tragedy for all of us. It was hard to believe that a pilot who suffered from depression would kill himself by taking hundreds of passengers with him. He obviously never thought about the lives of those aboard, their futures, or the impact on their families. He was focused on himself and his personal mission. He was mentally ill, but even so, it requires a lot of all of us to be able to forgive.

I know that in order to forgive I must want to. Then, I need to move beyond judgment, open the heart center, and send forth love energy. When I heard the news, I practiced that for a while and then, in the spirit of The Love Principle Problems are Opportunities, I decided to go beyond forgiveness. I looked to see what this event might be saying to me, to all of us.

I saw that unexpected death can visit at any moment. We know we are all going to die at some point. We may not be able to choose that moment but we can choose the state of mind/feelings we will activate when that time comes.

This was what the event was saying to me. Choose the state of consciousness you will embody when your death is imminent.

I could see myself seated on that plane as it plunged toward the mountains, knowing it was going to crash and all of us would die. I could smell the fear and taste the angst. People all around would be screaming and the very air would be dense with terror.

That is the very moment to activate consciousness and to make a choice about how to die. I could see that I could make my transition wailing in horror or I could breathe into my heart center, merge with all that is, and begin to chant, “Holy, Holy, Holy.“

I can choose connection with the Divine (using whatever name I give it) rather than suffocating myself with panic and dread. I can touch and unite with ever-present bliss and blend my being with serenity and peace. That is how I could die in that horrendous situation.

But in order to accomplish this feat, I need to hold the Divine in my consciousness throughout every day, in all that I do. In this way, I will ready.

What I am suggesting is no small thing. It would be a momentous achievement to blend with the Divine as the airplane plummets and the whole cabin fills with thick anxiety. Yet, it will be an even greater accomplishment to live in the Divine throughout each day.

I am practicing this and it takes all my awareness to sustain it even for small blocks of time. It is easier out in nature than it is in traffic. It is more readily available when holding an infant than when being confronted with thoughtlessness.

What I need to hold in the forefront of my attention is the knowledge that

 Everything simply Is

Everything is energy

I am One with All that Is

All form and feeling are fiction/Maya/illusion.

 My walking meditation throughout each day needs to be Holy, Holy, Holy.