Dreams Often Inform Us

By Arleen Lorrance


I had a dreadful dream in which I was lost. I have a poor sense of direction when I am awake, but this was even worse.

I was driving a car someone had lent me and didn’t feel very secure in it. I was in a strange part of town and the rain started pouring down. I parked the car and waited for the rain to stop. It was nighttime and very dark. I had no idea where I was or how to get where I was headed. I got out of the car and asked several people for directions. No one knew. One young man said he would help me and wanted me to follow him down an empty street. I did not follow him. I found some other people partying at a table. The woman tried to figure out how to help me but she couldn’t either.

I was in a state of panic because now I couldn’t even find where I had parked the car. I had my phone and thought I would call Mariamne. She could help me. I kept swiping to get my phone numbers up, but my thumb was not being helpful.

Finally, I woke up and got out of the nightmare. My heart was pounding.

Looking at the dream I realized that creating turmoil and upset heightened my fear and discombobulated me to the point that I was rendered incapable of functioning well. I never remembered that I could simply put my address into my phone and have GPS take me there. It was the simplest thing, but I never thought of it in the chaos I was creating.

The message of the dream was all important:

‘Calm down, connect with what you know, and you will never be lost on any level.’

There were many symbols in the dream. I was driving someone else’s car, hence I was not in my own vehicle, not centered in my own self. I had ventured into the unknown without being grounded in self. I asked people outside myself for directions rather than consulting my own knowing. I almost strayed into danger because I was so far from my connection with myself. I had gone so far from myself that I couldn’t find where it was located. Finally, I did think of connecting with my spiritual soul mate but by then I was in too much disarray.

It is so important to remember. To Breathe, to calm self. To remember that I have inner wisdom to call upon, that I have inner knowing that will never fail me. If I connect in this way with Who I Am and What I know, I will never be lost.