Children from the Angelic Line
of the Deva Kingdom
by Arleen Lorrance

I read an account by a mother about her six-year-old son’s existential crisis. I knew personally what he was experiencing and I want to share it with all of you in case you know a child who is dealing with the same thing.

The mother wrote:

“I was putting my son to bed last night when he said he felt strange, which of course prompted me to ask him to explain, thinking he was going to say he had a pain in his belly or something. Then he blows me away. He said he didn't like being a human and he didn't want to be a human anymore. He didn't want to grow old and die. All he could see was that things wouldn't get better from here on. As the conversation continued he started comparing what it was like to be an angel versus what it's like to be a human. The main point he was getting across was the limitation of physical form - which he pointed out with the use of his finger. Showing me that his finger couldn't go through the wall, then pressing his face and saying ‘look.’

“That was it; he had had enough of being human. I suggested he bring his angel form into his human body, but he didn't really buy it. Then just after midnight he calls and wakes me from my sleep. Thinking he had to go to the toilet, you can imagine my surprise when he says to me—still with his eyes closed:

"’People are going mad here. They're going around and going mad.’

“Then he turns over and says no more. I was left stunned.

“My son goes to a Steiner/Waldorf school which cultivates and protects the child's 'dream consciousness.' The focus, ironically, being on not waking the child up (to adult consciousness) prematurely and inappropriately, whereas the way I see it is that the child is already awake and we increasingly put them to sleep through successive conditioning.

“So perhaps his existential crisis of last night was in fact his rebellion against falling asleep into human consciousness.

“Certainly food for thought.”

I was deeply moved by what the boy experienced as he witnessed the human condition. I know firsthand what he is seeing and enduring. I dealt with this much of my life until I came to know what was going on, how to live in the human line my Being had chosen when I “crossed over” from the Angelic kingdom. I learned that I had crossed over in order to speed up my soul growth. For years, after waking to this knowing, I constantly questioned if I would make that choice again after being immersed in human madness.

 I knew that all is bliss and beauty in the Angelic Kingdom. I came to learn that here, in form, on the earth as humans, we all live in the ever-present state of polarities in which all is possible (and manifested) from magnificent expressions of love, kindness, and compassion, to the horror of all forms of destruction, murder, and mayhem. Soul growth is sped up on this plane because we are required to function consciously rather than enjoying constant bliss. It is demanded of us that we make choices about who and how we are in the world. When we function in our highest and best, when we respond to what is wanted, when we make individual contributions to the betterment of the whole, we advance in leaps and bounds and grow exponentially in spiritual inches.

 In my early life I loved the beauty and couldn't bare the other polarity. I used to suffer the pain of human cruelty and wished that I could find a way off this planet. Finally, I decided I needed to make a serious adjustment to life in the polarities; I needed to find a way to live in harmony with everything that was expressed. I used poetry creation, photography, singing, theatre, writing, acrylic painting, and flower-planting to surround myself with beauty to counteract the insanity I saw around me. Slowly, these expressions began to work for me and I was able to maintain my inner balance without falling off the cliff of despair.

 The mother of the boy suggested to him that he "bring his angel form into human body."  He knew, as did I, that he couldn’t do that because that is to try to merge two different "lines." He needed to create peace with his circumstance and find ways to live in this world.

 Children (especially those born in this budding Age of Aquarius) are already awake. Sometimes parents, schools, and society in general contribute to putting them back to sleep. When this occurs they progressively forget who they are and what they know. When my generation were children most of us forgot very quickly and it was a long time before many of us had breakthrough experiences and reminders. Children need adults to affirm their experiences of life in finer frequencies and what they are registering in the energy world. Children need to be encouraged to report on what they see and what they know. Children don’t need fixing; they need affirming and lots guidance on how to adjust to the human line while making their contributions through their knowledge from the Angelic Kingdom.

 I awoke to cosmic consciousness when I was 31 and could finally begin to move past being deeply wounded by pain-inflicting human behavior. Now I focus on bringing what I see and know as a gift to the whole human race. Every random act of kindness is like a small flutter of angel wings helping to alleviate suffering and enable human softness to emerge. Every shout of joy lifts everyone to a more lighted view of life on earth. Every sound of laughter pings the human heart and sends gladness flowing through the bloodstream. Every tender touch thins the thick skin people think they need to wear in order to protect themselves. Every word of hope opens the Crown Chakra so that angelic music can sing in the soul.

 What I am communicating here was captured in a song written with Vincent van Gogh in mind. It was one of my very favorites for a long time before I realized that the painter was surely one of those who had “crossed over.” Perhaps you know the song. Here are the lyrics by Don McLean. They describe van Gogh looking out from the window of an asylum at Saint-Remy where he continued to paint.

Starry, starry night.

Paint your palette blue and grey,

Look out on a summer's day,

With eyes that know the darkness in my soul.

Shadows on the hills,

Sketch the trees and the daffodils,

Catch the breeze and the winter chills,

In colors on the snowy linen land.

Now I understand what you tried to say to me

how you suffered for your sanity

how you tried to set them free.

They would not listen

they did not know how

 perhaps they'll listen now.