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Angel Wisdom

Our objective will be to become more aware of the reality and presence of angels in our lives.

Can you hear the angels sing? Are you aware of your guardian angel?

We will explore how to open to the angelic kingdom to expand our sense of cooperation with these higher energies. We will take our place consciously in the hierarchy of beings in order to contribute to the evolution of our species and of the planet itself.

Participants will engage together in six conference calls which will be recorded for everyone’s further review. You will be guided to explore the subtle realms before each class and then together we will probe for deeper meanings and go further in our explorations. In this way we will learn with and from each other and uncover ways to support one another as we seek to awaken to our inner challenges and contribute to the awakening taking place within the group psyche.

Register by February 15, 2018 at the latest for this class.

To Register: mail a check payable to Teleos Institute, 7439 E Beryl Avenue, Scottsdale, AZ 85258.

Cost is $300.00, payable in full or in $50.00 increments. Deposits are refundable only if the class is cancelled by us. Instructions for your class preparation will be sent upon receipt of your registration. Registration is open to All.






Teleos is a Greek word pointing to the invisible plan that gives order to Cosmos. Teleos is the overall design or purpose directing nature toward her fulfillment. Teleos is the pattern hidden within each human being that guides the individualizing process. Teleos is the archetypal paradigm that resonates within us as human beings, prompting us to aspire to realize our full potential. Since Teleos is imprinted in each of us, we turn within for guidance and direction and then move outward to give expression to our unique and essential participation in the whole.

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